Where: Fort Mason Center Stage
When: Sunday, September 10th 2:10pm-2:55pm

BABY, the STARS SHINE BRIGHT will be hosting a dream-inspired fashion contest at JPOP SUMMIT 2017 called “Celestial Dreamworld.” In those fleeting moments between wakefulness and sleep, our imagination begins to take form and enter our mind’s reality. From sweet dreams to nightmares, we invite you to take center stage.

♥ This Year’s Theme: 
Celestial Dreamworld

In a mindscape of wonder and delight,
Brimming with daydreams and twinkling starlight,
Our most closely held fantasies take flight!


♥ Date & Time: 
▶September 10th (Sun) at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
▶Exact time to be announced very soon!

♥ Contest Qualifications and Details: 

1. Fashion contestants must wear main pieces (JSK, OP, or Blouse & Bottom) from BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT or Alice and the Pirates.

Apply through this ☞ Application Form HERE between July 21 – July 31, 2017.

♦Submit one full body photo (from head-to-toe)

♦Answer the following questions: What made you start liking Lolita fashion? Why do you like BABY, the STARS SHINE BRIGHT and/or ALICE and the PIRATES? (Be prepared to answer either of these questions on stage)

3. Your coordination may not include weapons or weapon replicas, such as guns, swords, knives. Submissions that include such items will immediately disqualify your entry. Also, other brand’s logos shall not be visible in your coordination. If you have any questions regarding your props or wardrobe, please email *For submission, any Lolita outfit photo is fine. we assume you will be refining your costume until the last minute!

4. Judging during the competition will be based on creativity and adherence to the theme, and on how finalists explain their look to the audience during the contest.

5. The winners will be chosen by our judge Fabienne!

6. Winners will receive gorgeous prizes presented by BABY!
The top 15 contestants will move on to the stage portion of the contest. Qualifying contestants will receive novelty prizes for participating and free entry to J-POP SUMMIT on the contest day Sunday, September 10th, 2017!

♥ The Contest: 
Each finalists will have an opportunity to walk the stage, and describe their wardrobe to the crowd, and get feedback from the judges.

EVENT reference 2014 contest photos on our Flickr set.
STAGE reference 2015 fashion show photos on our Flickr set.

♥ Winning Categories:
● 1st place
● 2nd place
● 3rd place

♥ Judge:
● Fabienne

♥ NOTE: 
If you are signing up on site and under 18, we need you to bring a printed and signed copy of the parental (legal guardian)’s consent form for you to perform/be on stage. Please download from this page. Please submit the signed copy at check-in to the stage manager (once you qualify).
☞ DOWNLOAD FORM HERE: 2017 Appearance Agreement UNDER18.pdf

*Contest participants will be subject to festival photography and videos (official and unofficial), and the result may appear in, J-POP SUMMIT Festival’s future promotional materials, social medias, affiliated sites, and broadcasts of media partners and sponsors, as well as in NEW PEOPLE’s Flickr albums. J-POP SUMMIT Festival does not take responsibility nor action for unofficial photos and images taken in our festival ground. When you join us at the wardrobe screening, we assume that you understand these facts.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is a lolita fashion clothing brand that was established in 1988 by Akinori and Fumiyo Isobe in Tokyo, Japan. The sub-brand Alice and the Pirates was created in 2004. Currently, our brand boasts 22 shops across Japan, with stores in New York and San Francisco.Online Store | Tumblr

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