When & Where is the festival?

・September 9th (Sat) & 10th (Sun), 2017
・Venue: Fort Mason Center For Arts & Culture
(2 Marina Boulevard, Landmark Building A, San Francisco, CA 94123 MAP)
・Schedule: To be announced soon!

・September 1st ~ 10th, 2017
・Venue: NEW PEOPLE Cinema
(1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115 MAP)
・For Film Festival schedule and ticket information please visit http://JFFSF.org

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Is there any parking around Fort Mason Center?

Reserve Discounted Parking Now!
We recommend reserving parking in advance with SpotHero, a parking reservation service that connects drivers to discounted, convenient parking! Use the map below to find and reserve convenient parking with rates up to 50% off drive-up.

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Are there any accommodations and hotels available near Fort Mason Center?

Yes, Fort Mason Center is located in the Marina district, one of the most popular sightseeing spots in San Francisco. There are various hotels and inns nearby; however, room availability is limited and rates skyrocket as summer approaches, so we strongly recommend booking as soon as possible. See HOTEL MAP

Are pets allowed at Fort Mason Center?

Unfortunately no. Fort Mason Center has a strict policy about no pets' entrance. Only service animals with proper tags are allowed to accompany the owner into the festival. 

Can I leave the festival and then come back in?

Yes absolutely! A valid pass (and day-specific, if applicable) is required for re-entry.

Can I take a photo or video of the stage?

NO photos, videos, live-streaming, nor audio recordings allowed of the J-POP SUMMIT live music performances on stage. J-POP festival crew members reserve the right to stop you from photographing and taking videos at any moment and location at our festival without warning or explanation. Failure to comply with these requests and our policy can result in expulsion from the fesitval grounds.

Except for the live music performances on stage and the events and areas with specific instructions, you can take videos and photos! Please take and share with your friends!

What should I bring to J-POP SUMMIT?

・Valid photo I.D.
・Your online tickets (On-site tickets are also available for purchase)
・Children 12 and younger require accompaniment by a guardian with a valid ticket in order to exchange the ticket for a pass.
・An extra layer - it could get very windy and cold in the Marina
・Cash - some vendors only take cash. And there is only one ATM onsite! Please have some cash handy for your maximum enjoyment!

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Where can I buy tickets?

Online tickets will be available HERE!

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Are J-POP SUMMIT tickets available on-site on the day of the event?

2-DAY, 1-DAY and KIDS tickets are available on-site at Fort Mason Center.
VIP tickets can only be purchasable through online by Friday, September 8th.

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Why buy tickets before the festival?

If you buy the tickets before the festival it is cheaper than buying at the registration on-site. If you buy tickets on-site, please note that the registration opens at 9:00 am for VIP pass holders and 10:30 am for the general pass holders. You can also skip the line for buying the ticket on-site and go directly to exchange your pass with the ticket you already purchased online!


Are any of the passes sold for a limited quantity?

Yes! The passes below may sell out quickly. Please get them early while they are available!
See all ticket options

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How and where can I pick up my J-POP SUMMIT pass?

・Pick up your pass at the registration booth at Fort Mason Center. The location of the registration booth will be announced on a closer date, and you will be able to find it on the map we will provide with that information.

・The registration opens at Fort Mason Center at 9:00am for VIP pass holders and 10:30am for the general pass holders.

・Festival pavilion will be open for VIPs from 10:00am for Early Entry, and 11:00am for general pass holders.

・VIP lounge will be open from 10:00am to 4:30pm

・Please bring a copy of the confirmation email with the Order Confirmation Number as well as your valid photo I.D. (we might not be able to issue a pass without your I.D.) and then you will receive a pass from us!

・Children 12 and younger require accompaniment by a legal guardian with a ticket in order to exchange the ticket for a pass.

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Can I get a refund or an upgrade on my ticket? Can I exchange it?

・No. All sales are final.
・No refunds under any circumstances. Any and all payments made to J-POP SUMMIT are not refundable for any reason.
・J-POP SUMMIT will not issue refunds or credits due to failure to redeem a pass during the registration process.
・Lost or stolen tickets or passes will not be replaced.
・Passes cannot be exchanged, transferred and/or upgraded after purchase.

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Is there a discount for children?

Yes! Children under the age 5 are FREE admission, and children between ages 6-12 receive a 2-Day Kids Pass for $15. Their guardian MUST accompany them with a ticket AT ALL TIMES. See the details about Kids pass HERE.

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What’s the difference between J-POP SUMMIT VIP Pass and General Pass?

VIP Pass comes with:
2-day access to all festivity area at Fort Mason Center and the VIP Lounge at Firehouse. Also included are: Early Entry to the festival at 10am on both days, Festival Goodies, Premium Viewing Area access, Exclusive Photo Session, and a chance to win the opportunities to join the autograph sessions and to receive special letters from artists! Check out details at VIP Ticket page. Neither J-POP SUMMIT VIP nor General passes include Sake/Ramen Summit and any other food fees.

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How can I attend the VIP photo sessions?

1) Please purchase J-POP SUMMIT VIP pass ☞ Ticket Page
- About VIP Pass

How can I enter the raffle for a special letter?

1) Please buy the VIP ticket by June 30th ☞ Ticket Page
- About VIP Pass

How can I attend the special autograph sessions?

1) Please purchase the VIP ticket by July 31st ☞ Ticket Page
- About VIP Pass

I didn’t bring my VIP Photo Session ticket (barcode).

It's OK! But be sure to bring your valid ID so we can look up your name in the system.

Can I get the VIP photo session ticket the day before?

Please register for VIP Photo Session ticket prior to the event.

I missed my Saturday VIP Photo Session for the artist I want to meet, but have the VIP Photo Session ticket still. Can I join the Sunday session to meet them?

Unfortunately no. The Saturday Photo Session ticket is only valid for Saturday. VIP Photo Session tickets cannot be changed/switched/exchanged.

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Where is the Food Area?

You can enjoy food inside AND outside Festival Pavilion! You must have J-POP SUMMIT tickets to enter the Food Area. More details coming soon!

◉ Food Court (inside Festival Pavilion near the main stage) 11am-5pm*
- Sake Summit ($10/hr)
- Food & Drink vendors
◉ Food Park (outside at Parking Area) 11am - 5pm*
- Ramen Summit ($8/bowl)
- Food Trucks, Food & Drink Vendors

*Subject to change.

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Do I need a J-POP pass to enter the Food Area?

Yes. All food areas (RAMEN SUMMIT, SAKE SUMMIT, food vendors, and trucks) are only accessible to J-POP SUMMIT attendees who purchased their tickets.

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Do you have SAKE SUMMIT this year?

Yes! We introduce TWO types of SAKE SUMMIT this year; the usual "SAKE SUMMIT" and "SAKE SUMMIT Premium."

- Open both on Saturday & Sunday (11:30am to 4:30pm)
- Located inside the Festival Pavilion
- Tickets $10/hr available on-site only (J-POP SUMMIT Pass is required separately)
- Open to all attendees ages 21 and older
- Participating companies: to be announced soon!

◉ SAKE SUMMIT Premium【NEW!】:
Stay tuned for more information!

Do I need a J-POP pass to enter the SAKE SUMMITS?

Yes. Both SAKE SUMMIT and SAKE SUMMIT Premium require J-POP passes for entry. You must purchase the additional SAKE SUMMIT and/or SAKE SUMMIT PREMIUM tickets for sake-tasting.

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Is the Sake-tasting Token included in any J-POP passes?

No, you must pay for your Sake-tasting session on-site at the ticketing counter near SAKE SUMMIT inside Festival Pavilion.

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Can I bring kids in the SAKE area?

Yes, only with their 21+ guardian/parents (and no sake for kids!).

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Is the SAKE SUMMIT or RAMEN SUMMIT cash only?

No, but some of the other food venders are. We recommend you bring cash to the event.

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Do I need a J-POP pass to enter the RAMEN SUMMIT?

Yes. RAMEN SUMMIT is only accessible to J-POP SUMMIT attendees who have entered the festival with their passes. Enjoy top-tier ramen for only $8 per bowl!

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Do I need a J-POP pass to access food truck area?

Yes. The food trucks are only accessible to J-POP SUMMIT attendees who have entered the festival with their passes.

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When is Japan Film Festival of San Francisco this year?

・September 1st ~ 10th, 2017
・Venue: NEW PEOPLE Cinema
(1746 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115 MAP)
・Visit http://JFFSF.org for more details

Where can I purchase tickets?

You can purchase the tickets online at http://jffsf.org.
Ticket sale starts in July.
Stay tuned at http://jffsf.org.

Can I get film tickets at J-POP SUMMIT@ Fort Mason on the day of the event?

No. All film events happen at NEW PEOPLE Cinema located at 1746 Post Street, Japantown, San Francisco. Please purchase tickets at the Box Office of NEW PEOPLE Cinema.

Does the J-POP SUMMIT Pass come with access to Japan Film Festival of San Francisco?

No, film tickets do not include access to J-POP SUMMIT either. Please purchase them separately. Please purchase tickets online at http://jffsf.org.

When will the film festival schedule be announced?

The film festival schedule will be announced in July. Visit http://jffsf.org for more updates!

When do you start selling film festival tickets?

Ticket sales may start in July. For more information please check http://jffsf.org.


How can I be a sponsor or a food vendor for J-POP SUMMIT?

Please refer to the link HERE, or contact info@j-pop.com

How can I apply to volunteer?

We will open the application form sometime in June. Check this page for more updates ☞ CALLING FOR VOLUNTEERS!

How can I get a press pass?

Please refer to the link here (http://www.j-pop.com/2017/press/)

I have a question regarding marketing and promotion.

Please contact us at info@j-pop.com

Is there an ATM onsite?

Yes, but there is only one ATM - we suggest that you drop by an ATM elsewhere before coming to our event.

Is there Wi-Fi available for public?

Unfortunately there is no public Wi-Fi available for attendees.

If I lose something at J-POP SUMMIT... how can I get it back?

All lost & found items will be at the Info Booth. If you notice something missing after the festival, please email us at info@j-pop.com

I don’t see my question in this FAQ list...

You can email info@j-pop.com for any questions and inquiries! But please understand that it may take some time to get a response from us especially right before the event.


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– Interactive Summit –
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