【2014-Archive】Mitsutoshi Tanaka, Director

Mitsutoshi Tanaka – Director

Born in 1958 in Hokkaido, he joined Dentsu Eigasha (now Dentsu Tec) upon graduation from Osaka University of Arts, making TV commercials for TV Man Union before establishing Creators’ Union Co. in 1984. As a director of TV commercials, he has won awards from the Allied CM Council (ACC) and the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan. Features he has directed include Kewaishi (2001), Shoro Nagashi (2003), and Castle Under Fiery Skies (2009).

His recent work, Ask This Of Rikyu (2013), starring Ichikawa Ebizō XI and Miki Nakatani, has the west coast premiere on Saturday, July 19th, 2014, at NEW PEOPLE Cinema.

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◉ Guest Appearance at special screening of ASK THIS OF RIKYU!
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