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JAPANKURU presents VIRTUAL TRIP Season 2 – “Japanimmersion,” which IMMERSEs you in the real JAPAN through experiences at the Travel Pavilion.
Come see, feel, and learn about the fantastic Japan! Go-torch characters from multiple cities welcome you!
Presented by JAPANKURU, Global Daily

  • Tochigi prefecture, located only 60 miles from Tokyo, is easy to access by train! Delicious local food, rich nature, interactions with animals, hot springs, and outdoor activities... there’s lots to explore in Tochigi! At the Tochigi booth, you can find the goodies and products of the Nasu's cute regional characters, Kyubii, and Kuroro & Yumena. Come try the delicious cookies from Nasu region, too!
  • Fuuko, popular character of the professional bicycle team Blasen in Nasu-machi, Tochigi, is also exhibited at the Tochigi booth! Fuuko is a character designed by Akira Himekawa, the author of the legendary comic Zelda! Blasen Facebook
  • Kuroro is a male horse born in Kurodahara, Nasu. He has a happy relaxed life in Nasu by helping cultivate Nasu's rich soil as "Nasu-Koma." He can transform himself into the 9 different kinds of 'Hyper Horse' to help Yumena. Yumena is a junior high student who lives with Kuroro. She LOVES Kuroro and horses very much! Listen to the theme songs of Kuroro & Yumena HERE.
    “VANQUISH,” a Japanese clothing brand, showcases a stylish collection that you can wear both casually and formally. Try the VR at the VANQUISH Booth, and be teleported to the VANQUISH store in Shibuya! You’ll also receive an original sticker and “Gonoturn” facemask.
  • Rinka Kimono Rental
    Come to the “Rinka” booth and try on a Kimono! “Rinka” is a Kimono rental/fitting service in Tokyo that brings Kimono right to your door and helps you put it on! There is bilingual staff available in Japan. Walk around Tokyo in Kimono!
  • iinyan & Shimane Prefecture
    Go-torch character "iinyan" from the Iinan district in Shimane prefecture will welcome you at the "iinyan & Shimane" booth! Iinan district is renowned for manufacturing the most shares of Shimenawa – a sacred rope made with rice straw that is displayed at shrines – in Japan. Come join the Shimenawa-making workshop and learn how to make it!
  • Tokyo Daijingu
    Tokyo Daijinigu, one of the major Shinto shrines in Tokyo, awaits you with many events, including Omikuji fortune slip drawings, "Ema" writing of wishes, and a traditional Shinto dance by professional Miko (shrine maiden).
  • Ryokan
  • Interested in staying at “Ryokan” but have no idea which one suits you the best? If you want the ultimate experience in Japan, staying at a good ryokan is a must! Come to the Ryokan booth, where the staff can share the most up-to-date information and recommend you the best ryokan to fit your needs and budget. Also, the unique products of the go-torch characters that represent their regions are available.
  • WOW U
  • WOW U is a concierge service that will provide you with an epic travel experience in Japan! We often make travel plans based on what we gather from general travel guides, but how about we take a different perspective and ask: "What do I really want to accomplish on this trip?" and make a plan to pursue it? WOW U's certified professional tour guides support you by consulting your personal trip plan and suggesting the best plan for you. On the travel stage, WOW U will also host special events to introduce Japan through quizzes and games! Come join!
  • NTA (Nippon Travel Agency)
    Great exclusive deal from NTA America! If you purchase a JR pass at the NTA booth, you will receive complimentary tickets to Nikko Edo Village, Nasu Animal Kingdom, and Ashikaga Flower Park – a total value of $100! Don't miss this chance! NTA America, Inc., founded in 1966, has been providing the highest quality of service and cost-saving opportunities through longstanding relationships with airlines and hotels. Come ask anything about travelling to Japan!
  • Tokyo
    Receive a map of Tokyo and various goodies including "Uchiwa," a Japanese paper fan, by taking a quick survey at the TOKYO booth! Join the calligraphy workshop and learn to write "Tokyo東京" on your Uchiwa and also get your nail art done!
  • JCD (Japankuru Concierge Desk)
    JCD, Japankuru Concierge Desk, located in Asakusa (one of the liveliest and most nostalgic areas in Tokyo), has been providing valuable travel information to tourists from all over the world in multiple languages. And now it’s popping up inside the Travel Pavilion exclusively during J-POP SUMMIT! Curious about Japan? The staff at JCD will answer your questions.
  • JAPANKURU by Global Daily
    JAPANKURU introduces “Japan” from a different angle through the stories and experiences of people with different nationalities who live in Tokyo. Gain valuable travel information including sightseeing/shopping spots that you won’t find in a guidebook, affordable hotels with astonishing night views, and many more! JAPANKURU shares a hidden side of Japan with you! Come take photos with KURUKI, JAPANKURU’s beloved Shiba mascot.


Come to the Japankuru stage inside the Travel Pavilion for many fun activities!

  • 11:05am: Travel Pavilion Opening Ceremony
    11:20am: Events with Prize by Ryokans
    11:45am: WOW U
    12:40pm: Sacred Miko’s dance presented by Tokyo Daijingu
    1:00pm: WOW U-2
    1:30pm: Ghibli Quiz & Talk Show with Azumi Inoue & Yuyu
    2:20pm: Shamisen Performance presented by Consulate General of Japan, SF
    3:00pm: Ramen Fast-Eating Contest
    3:30pm: Event by Fukuoka Idol Group, LinQ
    4:00pm: Sacred Miko’s Dance Part II by Tokyo Daijingu
    4:25pm: Event by Go-torch Characters
    4:55pm: Travel Pavilion Day 1 Finale
    5:10pm: Kawachi Japanese Folk Dance

  • 11:05am: Travel Pavilion Opening Ceremony
    11:20am: WOW U -3
    11:50am: Okinawa Taiko Performance presented by Consulate General of Japan
    12:35pm: Event by Ryokan
    1:00pm: Go-torch Character Event!
    1:25pm: WOW U -4
    1:50pm: Event by Ryokan
    2:15pm Sacred Miko’s Dance Part by Tokyo Daijingu
    2:35pm: Go-torch Character Event!
    3:00pm: Ramen Fast-Eating Contest
    3:30pm: Event by Fukuoka Idol Group, LinQ
    4:00pm: Sacred Miko’s Dance Part II by Tokyo Daijingu
    4:25pm: Event by Ryokan
    4:55pm: Travel Pavilion Grand Finale
    5:10pm: Kawachi Japanese Folk Dance
  • Miko’s Dance
    presented by Tokyo Daijingu
  • A professional Miko (shrine maiden) will perform a traditional Shinto dance.
  • Ramen Eating Contest
  • Ramen vendors of Ramen Summit will be completing how fast they can eat ramens!
– Ghibli trivia quizzes & talk show with Azumi Inoue & Yuyu (Presented by Kinokuniya)
– Go-torch Characters on Stage!
– Shamisen & Okinawa Taiko Live Performances (supported by Consulate General of Japan)
– Ramen Fast-Eating Contest!
– Sacred Miko’s dance presented by Tokyo Daijingu
– Tea demonstrations
– Performances by LinQ (an idol group from Fukuoka prefecture)
– Kawachi Ondo Japanese Folk Dance
– Mini-games by WOW U and Ryokan where you can win special prizes

and many more!

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