ARTS, EATS, INNOVATIONS! This music video says it all about J-POP SUMMIT!

J-POP SUMMIT proudly presents the 2017 official festival reel created in collaboration with Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi, production company CS-2 and J-POP SUMMIT. Based on the festival’s theme concepts; “Playground” and “Designed Chaos,” we started working together to make this visually inspiring video with music by Asahi Uchida (Actor/Musician), video edits by Mina Sanda & Muneki Taniguchi (CS-2), illustration by Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi and supervised by J-POP SUMMIT. Enjoy the colorful space with popping Japanese motif!


Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi

Read how Mitsume came up with this design!

I expressed my “Japonesque” through this design. The tiny little intricate ideas that hold potent energy interact with each other to expand into larger images… What always comes to my mind while drawing is “Eyes [め me]” – to have multiple perspectives for what I’m working on.

We try to detect the invisible energy behind physical entities thru visual perception, but what actually makes the world go around is dynamics that cannot be seen by the human eye. In order to solve such a paradox, my concept of “Eyes [め me]” has come into existence. I’d love to invite you to look at things visually while using hidden senses in the back of your eyes to grasp what can not be seen there. — Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi



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Born in 1982 in Tokyo.
In 2000, Asahi Uchida won the 21st Century Movie Star Grand Prix and debuted with “Shisha no Gakuensai” in the same year. Since then, he has been active and busy working as an actor for more films, TV dramas and theatrical performances. Asahi Uchida is also a renowned musician, and he often composes for Japanese idols and game theme songs.
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MINA SANDA (Videographer)
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Mina Sanda is a videographer who works at “CS.2,” a production company located in Nagoya prefecture, Japan. She thrives in creating movies using 2D computer graphics such as motion graphics and event clips. She also loves films and live music events. She’s aiming to be in charge of creating promotional videos for the musicians.


MUNEKI TANIGUCHI (Cinematographer)
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After working as a freelancer, Muneki started working as a cinematographer and CG designer at CS.2, a production company in Nagoya prefecture in Japan. His strength is to create the movies that fuse the elements of 3D graphics and motion graphics. Since he happened to meet Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi at an art event, they have collaborated and created many art works together. Muneki is also one of many people captivated by the unique and colorful world of Mitsume.

The ramen promotional video is also created by this team! The same music as you hear on J-POP clip is used but in a more traditional Japanese version! Super cool! (Credit: Music by Asahi Uchida / Video Edits by Mina Sanda, Muneki Taniguchi)

(Video segment of “Orenchi Beyond” PV by 1dot11)