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SAT & SUN | All Day | Festival Pavilion
A collection of amusing and advanced Japanese technology gathered under one roof!
Here is Interactive Summit, your playground packed with the latest in Japanese technology! Be wowed as you play, experience, and interact with advanced VR/AR, games, apps, and software! Most of the exhibitors are collaborating with J-POP Summit performing artists!

Also, attendees can enjoy Beach Ball Synth – an interactive installation that brings people together through music-making, created by a team of designers from global design firm IDEO!!!

  • "Komusumegane" will enrich your concert experience through AR glasses. It can translate lyrics sung live and conversations with artists in real time; not only that, it can recognize specific sounds and words, and display two-dimensional graphic effects to accompany them. Turn your concert and play experience into a manga with the AR technology of “Komusumegane.”

  • This technology provided by NTT Data was originally created for professional athletes to rehearse before real games so they can be ready to perform their best. Stand in the batter's box and hit baseballs thrown according to the stats of real past MLB game pitches!

  • The dating simulation game series "Shall we date?" is captivating a lot of ladies around the world! At J-POP SUMMIT, meet the princes of your dreams through AR (Augmented Reality technology) and take a picture and video with him, an exclusive campaign presented by NTT Solmare only for J-POP SUMMIT fans!

  • Panasonic will exhibit interactive game “Samurai Battle” using simple and natural user interface technology “Hugpathy”. “Hugpathy” is a human body communication technology which delivers data through physical contact. Please touch, fight, enjoy!


  • NHK invites you to the stunning view of Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia, ALMA observatory in Chile with four large telescopes to observe the stars, and to the inside of the still-largely-a-mystery Great Pyramid of King Khufu. Pop in to our booth and experience the extraordinary in VR!

  • ACT is a new outfit that will make your interactions with others more fun and visually stimulating! You can make yourself glow by touching, hugging, or brushing shoulders with your friends! ACT will add more excitement and light to your everyday life.

  • Yamaha presents HEARTalk and Vocaloid! HEARTalk is a new system that converts a flat computerized voice into a more natural human-like dialog, so you might feel the 'heart' from the machine, so to speak. VOCALOID is a voice synthesis technology and software developed by Yamaha. Just input a melody and lyrics and your virtual singer will sing for you!

  • Future Marketing Unit is SoftBank's unique showcase project, lead by Yoshito Andy Ando from SoftBank, that aims to increase the adoption of new IoT products and analyze potential business volume before entering the Japanese market for free. The chosen companies: Dendama, Atmoph, and Kamarq (at booth D1), showcase their cool products. Feel free to bring a glass of IICHIKO shochu from the next door, and check out these upcoming Japanese start-ups!

  • Dendama is the clever reimagining of the Japanese folk toy "kendama". Tricks, battles, and cooperative play are just the beginning. We are currently collaborating with the famous light novel series Sword Art Online. At the Future Marketing Unit booth, you can check out our innovative and fun twist on an old game. Let's play!

  • Atmoph Window is a digital window that connects you to the world. With hundreds of videos of beautiful scenery from around the world, complete with audio, you’ll feel as if you’re actually there. Please come visit us at the Future Marketing Unit booth.
  • The Sound Table is a high-quality table that features a Bluetooth speaker and wireless internet capabilities. By elegantly combining two items necessary to any home - a table and a speaker - your home becomes that much more spacious and infinitely more enjoyable.
  • Topology's custom-fit eyewear fits perfectly to never pinch, squeeze, or slip. Scan your face and design your glasses all from your iPhone. Stop by at their booth to see how it works! There is also a special competition game where you will customize glasses for one of the J-POP guests! More info available at Topology booth.

  • Welcome to the Aluminum World presented by SAKAE CASTING USA! Check out the variety of Aluminum products on display made using their super casting technology. You may even come across an Aluminum Man… Come find him!

  • Experience one of the strangest and most exciting digital phenomena: Realistic Haptic Sensation! Shake the magic eight ball, dodge mysterious spirits, leap across the finish line, and explore a miraculous world.

  • Fly a drone anytime anywhere! In collaboration with XOOMS and their networked MR (Mixed Reality) platform, you can virtually experience what it would be like to operate a real drone right in front of you! Come play!

  • Created by a team of designers from global design firm IDEO, Beach Ball Synth is an interactive installation that brings people together through music-making. Giant beach balls with sensors encourage the creativity of kids, adults, and aspiring musicians by using play as the interface for music.

Many more to be announced soon!

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