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Cover photo of D’Arcy by NICK ICE
Submission Period: August 7th – August 17th 5pm PST.
Event Date: Sunday, September 10th 7:15pm – 8:15pm
Where: Fort Mason Center

Calling all Harajuku Grrrls, Gaysha Grrrls, Sailor Moons, School Grrrls and beyond! Yes! We are! J-POP SUMMIT is very proud to announce the 2nd “J-POP Queen” Drag Contest in our beautiful city of San Francisco, the center of drag culture! D’Arcy Drollinger, San Francisco’s hottest star in drag will return again to host the event. Also returning to judge is Mitz Mangrove, Japan’s drag royalty and TV celebrity, Heklina, SF drag legend herself, and 2016 reigning J-POP queen ROCK M SAKURA!

Event Summary: 5 of the best Japan-inspired performers in drag from the preliminary video submission process are chosen to join the finals on Sunday, September 10th at the J-POP SUMMIT 2017 main stage. The finalist drag queen contestants will compete with their Japan-esque costumes such as kimono, school-girl, cosplay, Harajuku-looks, and characters-inspired mash-up, performed to Japanese songs. The “J-POP Queen” of San Francisco is chosen by judges based on her costume, attitude and lip-sync performance.

The submission period for the videos are between Monday, August 7th – Thursday, August 17th, so empower your inner-Japanese queen (or princess!) and start preparing your Japanese themed dramatic costume and your lip-sync routine! You may be the next “J-POP Queen!”

▼ D’Arcy Drollinger (MC)
▶ D’Arcy Drollinger profile page

▼ Heklina (Guest Judge)
▶Heklina profile page

▼ Mitz Mangrove (Guest Judge)
▶ Mitz Mangrove profile page


J-POP Queen Drag Contest invites finalists of the video submission to compete on the stage at our festival. Submission details is the following:

◉Submission Guidelines

▶ Event Date & Time*:
Must be able to attend the J-POP SUMMIT at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco on September 10 (Sun), 2017 6:30pm – 8:30pm (event start time is 7:15pm) The 5 finalists will receive a ticket link so they can enter the festival for free.

▶Song for Contest: :
Any song with lyrics under 4 minute that you can lip-sync to. We’d love it if you take on the challenge and learn a Japanese song! This is not a singing contest. It is crafty costume, lip-sync and performance piece contest. A dramatization contest.

▶ Your Costume and Persona: :
Your costume must be Japanese women and culture inspired. For example: kimono, anime characters, idol stars, or you can do something totally different. Please do not exaggerate racial features.

▶ Solo Performers ONLY
You may have backup dancers, however, only the front person is chosen as the winner. (i.e. no multiple J-POP Queens will be presented as winners)

▶G Rating: There are children in the audience!
The joy of a drag show lies in the unlimited form of expression. Our festival audience, however, range from small children to adults. Please no cursing, or inappropriate dance nor moves. Thank you for keeping it fun and clean for everyone!

▶ Video Details:
1) Film your performance in full costume (you will wear on stage) with a camera (or smartphone) to make an online video of your creative performance.*
*If you are not familiar with making a video of yourself – please ask friends or family to help you.
2) Be careful of the volume level in which you record so the sound doesn’t get distorted.
3) You may sign up as a group or solo but only one submission, please.
4) Please fill out the ☞ SUBMISSION FORM HERE (video submission info included)
**The submission will be conducted privately. We may publicize your video once you have been picked to be a FINALIST

< Video Title >
Please make sure your video title reads…
Upload your video file to our DROP BOX: https://www.dropbox.com/request/QTUVU0JS7hsC4v6YeA0r (does not require dropbox membership)

< Video Quality>
We do not judge your video by its sound or video quality(Please make sure your video quality is good enough so we can see your moves! No fancy editing required!)

◉ Timeline and Due Dates

・8/20 Mon 5pm PST: All contestants chosen to be finalists will be directly contacted and notified thru email.
・8/22 Wed 5pm PST: All notified contestants must reply to confirmation email. (to start communication) Signed parental permission form (minors only) need to be sent to us. (if you do not make this deadline – you will be disqualified)
・8/25 Sat 5pm PST: All notified contestants must send their GOOD QUALITY AUDIO FILE to lip-sync to on our stage. (a link for the upload will be sent directly thru email)
・Late August: Finalists will be publicly announced on our social media.


Finalists will get on stage to perform at J-POP SUMMIT main stage on September 10 (Sun), 2017, and will be chosen by San Francisco’s leading drag queens and select judges. This year we will choose up to 5 finalists. Once you qualify, you will receive further information from the stage manager.

***Champion: If you win the competition on stage, you are the 2017 J-POP QUEEN, and you may be invited to join the next year’s event as a guest(TBA). You will not be able to compete the following year, as you are participating as a J-POP Queen!

◉ Minors

Under aged performers need a signed parental permission form & accompaniment of parent/guardian at festival. Please download the form HERE!


“Fierce fabulous Harajuku make over for the winner or their best girlfriend!” A cut and color top value $290! (1st place)

LashSpot SF LSSF

Top Level Prize (2nd place) and Participation prize to all finalists!
Gift bag includes 1 massage oil, 2 eye shadows, and 1 lip tint.
Gift certificate towards a full set (195$ value)

Bell & Trunk Flowers
Bouquet Sponsor: To grace our beautiful new queen with fun array of flowers!

More prizes & sponsors to be announced very soon!

NOTE: Contest participants will be subject to festival photography and videos (official and unofficial), and the result may appear in j-pop.com, J-POP SUMMIT’s future promotional materials, social medias, affiliated sites, and broadcasts of media partners and sponsors, as well as in NEW PEOPLE’s Flickr albums. J-POP SUMMIT does not take responsibility nor action for unofficial photos and images taken in our festival ground. When you join us at the wardrobe screening or through submission, we assume that you understand these facts.

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