Artist Project 2017

Fun hands-on activities and demonstrations!
Try something new and experience Japanese culture first hand!
Please pay for the workshops on-site.

  • Take-Akari by CHIKAKEN x TAKEKICHI
    Take-Akari (Tah-Kay Uh-KAH-Ri) is a hand-carved bamboo lampshade. The bamboo acts as an art canvas with patterns drilled into the surface so a light source placed inside can illuminate the design. Take-Akari is fully recyclable and is part of a solution for the environmental problems caused by haphazard growth of neglected bamboo forests. Bamboo is believed to be sacred in ancient Japan due to its ability to grow in harsh conditions. Come join their workshop to create your own Take-Akari and feel the JAPAN of the good old days!
  • Workshop* Schedule
    10:30am | 11:45am | 1pm | 2:15pm | 3:30pm | 4:45pm
    RESERVE YOUR SPOT!Pre-Registration
    Walk-in welcome only when there are the slots available.
    $25 per person | 1 hour for one slot
    *Kids under 12 must be accompanied by a guardian.
    *Please come in casual clothes that you would not mind getting dirty.
    *We will be using drills and other sharp objects in this workshop. Please note that we will not take responsibility for any injury during the workshop.
  • Mamaracho
    Mamaracho is a Japanese Kawaii "Decoden" shop from Tokyo, selling kitsch and girly Harajuku pop deco-style cellphone cases decorated with popular Japanese and cartoon characters such as Sanrio, Sailor Moon, My Little Pony, Barbie, etc. Come make your own cellphone ring case!
  • Workshop* Schedule
    10:30am | 11:15am | 12pm | 12:45pm | 2:15pm | 3pm | 3:45pm | 5pm
    On-site registration only. First come first serve.
    $15 per person (cash only) | 30 min for one slot
    Choose between cellphone cases with/without extra charm
  • s | kubo
    s kubo is a supper club based in Sausalito, CA just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. s kubo offers a small, intimate dining experience in a residential setting. The goal is to provide upscale food and drinks with beautiful floral decorum without the restaurant feel. Come make a kokedama moss ball you can take home with you!
  • Workshop Schedule
    11:30am | 1pm | 2:30pm | 4pm
    On-site registration only. First come first served.
    $15 per person (Venmo or cash only)
  • Ukiyo-e Heroes
    Jed Henry is the creator of Ukiyo-e Heroes, a world-famous series of traditional Japanese prints. His designs feature modern icons from games and manga, all depicted in a traditional Ukiyo-e style. Jed will be teaching how to use traditional Japanese brushes for Ukiyo-e style illustration.
    Art supplies generously provided by FLAX
  • Workshop Schedule
    12pm | 1pm | 2pm | 3pm | 4pm | 5pm
    On-site registration only. First come first served.
    $10 per person (credid card or cash)
    4 people per workshop | 30 min for one slot