“RONDO,” a modern sports game, will make its US debut at J-POP SUMMIT!

What attracts the world’s top football players, such as Messi and C. Ronaldo?

RONDO is a sports game inspired by a warm-up practice that professional soccer players often enjoy by passing a ball around with 4-5 members. It is developed and recently recognized as a new official sport in Japan and has now landed in San Francisco for the very first time!

It is also known as “birdcage” where the smaller group (as small as 1 individual) battles for possession of the ball with the larger surrounding/opposing group. One must win the ball (“the key”) for escape from their prison. The game performance will be played by the Firehouse next to Fort Mason’s Festival Pavilion, with Alcatraz as the most appropriate backdrop. Can players survive to the very end and escape? In the U.S., RONDO will be born as a new sport – don’t miss this historical moment!

RONDO Regulations:

・4 players (your team) versus 1 player (opponent team)
・5 meter X 5 meter square field
・4 players form a team
・2 minutes per play, with “Offense” vs. “Defense” match for 4 rounds
・The count goes back to zero when the ball goes out of the field or is intercepted (interceptions are judged by a referee)
・1 point is counted when 20 consecutive passes completed an “Alcatraz”
・A “Nutmeg” is an extra point
・If a defensive player intercepts the ball 3 times or makes a ball go out of the field 3 times, the round ends
・Total points after 4 rounds determines the winner
・If tied after 4 rounds, the match goes to sudden death
・In sudden death rounds, 10 consecutive passes count as 1 point

When: July 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun), 2016
Where: In front of Firehouse, Fort Mason Center (See MAP below!)
Hours: All day
*J-POP SUMMIT pass required to access to this area. Buy J-POP SUMMIT tickets HERE.

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▼ RONDO: FC Bayern

rondo photo

▼ Fort Mason Center Map : RONDO

rondo map

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