When: July 23rd (Sat) & 24th (Sun), 2016
Where: Fort Mason Center (NHK WORLD Booth and Main Stage)

Check out many fun events presented by NHK WORLD!


Domobics with TPDomo!
Both days at NHK WORLD Booth
(Sat 1:30pm, Sun 11:30am/2pm/4pm)
Both days at 11am on Main Stage

【 NHK WORLD Booth 】
– Saturday: 1:30pm-2:00pm
– Sunday: 11:30am-12:00pm, 2:00pm-2:30pm, 4:00pm-4:40pm
Domo, NHK WORLD’s mascot and J-POP idol group, Tokyo Performance Doll (TPD) will make their U.S. debut performing Domobics, a rhythmic dance exercise, as TPDomo, Tokyo Performance Domo. Meet TPDomo and let’s have fun together! ☞ DETAILS

【 FMC Main Stage 】
Pump it up with “Domobics” to jump start your awesome days at J-POP SUMMIT! “TPDomo,” a new unit consisting of everyone’s favorite NHK mascot Domo and idol group Tokyo Performance Doll, will kick off J-POP SUMMIT at Fort Mason Center as the opening cardio work out at 11:00am on both Saturday, July 23rd and Sunday 24th with their new exercise “Domobics!” ☞ DETAILS

Photo opts with Domo!
Sat & Sun at NHK WORLD Booth

Pose with NHK WORLD’s mascot Domo for great photo opts over a magnificent backdrop of the city of Tokyo. Domo will appear several times a day.

saito cook

Chef Saito’s Cook & Chat
Sat 3:45pm-4:30pm, Sun 12:30-1:15pm
at NHK WORLD Booth

Chef Chief Saito and Yu Hayami, personalities of “Dining with the Chef,” will host a cooking demo. They’ll be chitchatting throughout the show as they demonstrate how to prepare a Japanese popular dish in a super-easy way for everyday home cooking at the NHK WORLD Booth. They will also introduce “JAPANESE FOOD,” NHK WORLD’s new website which has launched June 20th.

Japanese Celebrity Chef
Tatsuo Saito's Cooking Demo

Sat at 2:40PM on Main Stage

Chef Chief Saito and Yu Hayami will demonstrate cutting technique of raw fish “Sashimi” and vegetables specific to Japanese cuisine preparation on the main stage. Witness the magic of Japanese culinary arts.


by Sebastian Masuda

Sat 2:30pm - 3:30pm at NHK WORLD Booth*

Sebastian Masuda, art director of Kawaii International, NHK’s pop culture program which explores everything from Tokyo street fashion to art and design, will welcome visitors to his “TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE” workshop which includes an interactive art installation in the shape of Domo at the NHK WORLD booth. *Time to be announced soon!

★ About

NHK WORLD TV is a 24-hour English-language TV channel broadcasting from Japan.
Visit the NHK WORLD booth and interact with our mascot “Domo” with lots of fun !
“TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE” Project by an art-director Sebastian Masuda is one of them. You can send a message or memorabilia to your future self by placing them in “Domo-Capsule”. If you’re into exercising, why not do some dancing with “Domobics”. And have a photo opt with Domo and so much more!
Chef Tatsuo Saito and Yu Hayami, personalities of “Dining with the Chef,” will introduce “JAPANESE FOOD,” NHK WORLD’s new website launching June 20 and will demonstrate cooking at the NHK WORLD booth on Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24.


nhk world


Experience the essence of cuteness through this chronicle of “kawaii”-style pop culture. Aficionados of “kawaii” will find what they need right here.
Official Website:



“TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE” by Sebastian Masuda
TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE is an art project by Sebastian Masuda. It is part of an ongoing, multi-city participatory project with similar capsules displayed around the world. In each location, Masuda plans a series of children and family workshops collaborating with the community to create colorful objects using their personal items and donated objects from Masuda’s 6%DOKIDOKI fashion and accessories store. The objects are then used to fill the time capsule sculpture. All sculptures will be united in 2020 in Tokyo to mark the Tokyo Olympics, bringing together the contained memories from all the participating cities.


About Dining with the Chef

“Dining with the Chef”
Fans of Japanese food get a feast of information through this program. It introduces the appeal of the country’s cuisine, emphasizing the harmony of ingredients.
Official Website:

About J-MELO

All genres of music from Japan show up in this program. It’s a hub for finding out about the artists and their songs.
Official website:

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