Kaori Wakamatsu

When: July 23rd (Sat) & 24th (Sun), 2016
Sessions: 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm (both days)
Where: Fandom Booth by Kinokuniya Bookstore, Fort Mason Center

Sponsored by Kinokuniya USA

Japanese illustrator Kaori Wakamatsu will hold her autograph sessions at Kinokuniya Fandom Booth at Fort Mason Center on both days! Kaori Wakamatsu is known for her character designs for popular social game “Brilliant Thieves Royale (Kaito Royale),” book covers for popular books such as “TimeRiders” by Alex Scarrow, and “Hikari To Yami No Tabibito Series” by Atsuko Asano. Her bold yet delicate illustrations with innovative patterns are reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints, and attract many international fans.

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How to get Kaori Wakamatsu’s autograph

★ How to get Kaori Wakamatsu’s autograph:

Purchase Kaori Wakamatsu related items of at least $20* OR a Kinokuniya Gift Card worth $20* (above items may be combined to reach $20*) at Kinokuniya Booth inside the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center. The first 200 customers will receive a ticket to Kaori Wakamatsu’s autograph session! Ticket buyers will choose their specific time slots at the time of purchase. See schedule below (Limited to 25 tickets per slot, first come first serve).
*before tax, after discount (1 ticket per customer)

◉ Autograph Session Schedule:

Group A 7/23 (Sat) 12:00- 25 people
Group B 7/23 (Sat) 13:00- 25 people
Group C 7/23 (Sat) 14:00- 25 people
Group D 7/23 (Sat) 15:00- 25 people

Group E 7/24 (Sun) 12:00- 25 people
Group F 7/24 (Sun) 13:00- 25 people
Group G 7/24 (Sun) 14:00- 25 people
Group H 7/24 (Sun) 15:00- 25 people

* Please note that only Kaori Wakamatsu related goods (art books, posters etc.) or plain autograph boards will be signed by artist. Please do not bring other items to be autographed. One autograph per ticket holder. One autograph will include Wakamatsu’s signature + illustration.

* Tickets only will be sold and given at Kinokuniya Booth at Fort Mason Center, and the autograph sessions will take place in the Kinokuniya Autograph Booth next to Kinokuniya Booth. The location and map will be announced soon!

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