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Do you love Japan and its music, comics and anime, but have not had the chance to visit yet? Let’s go now!
JAPANKURU presents VIRTUAL TRIP and we will take you to Japan virtually! Come see, feel, and experience the fantastically “REAL” Japan!
Sat & Sun at Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center
*J-POP SUMMIT Pass is required for all Interactive events. Tickets available HERE!

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Let’s start the JAPANKURU’s VIRTUAL TRIP with the beautiful city of Tokyo, where everyone longs to visit!
Come experience the past, present and future of the city where the 2020 Olympic Games will be held.
Don’t forget to pray for good fortune and a safe journey in the “Shrine!”

  • Here is a space to reflect on the history and culture of Edo-Tokyo and envision the city and life of the future.
  • Tokyo Daijingu
  • Tokyo Daijingu is one of the major Shinto shrines in Tokyo. Don’t forget to pray for good fortune in the "Shrine!"
  • Take a survey, receive Tokyo goodies, and join ​the ​calligraphy workshop!
  • NTA America, Inc.
  • NTA offers the most cost effective and highest quality service! Drop by!​

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The destinations are: Kawaii paradise “Harajuku,” the land of Otaku “Akihabara,” and enjoy the excitement of “Shinjuku” both day and night!
“Get off” at your favorite STATION!

  • "OTAKU" Station
  • At “OTAKU” Station, the sacred capital of J-POP lovers, you will meet the figures from “Kotobukiya” store in Akihabara!
  • "KAWAII" Station
  • Wanna be the next Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? Then​ ​​get off at “KAWAII” Station to enjoy dressing up in colorful and fancy outfits!
  • "CHICHIBU" Station
  • Learn about the beauty of Chichibu city located in Saitama, including local foods​, hot springs, traditional “​kabuki” culture, and shrines/temples that ​are featured in ​the ​popular anime, “The Anthem of the Heart."
  • "HOTEL" Station
  • Japanese “Capsule Hotel” is fun, casual, inexpensive, and are a comfortable and relaxing accommodation alternative!
  • "ONSEN" Station
  • You must visit an “Onsen” (hot spring) during your trip to Japan! Take a quiz at “ONSEN” Station and get a small gift to enjoy ONSEN at home!​
  • "ROBOT" Station
  • Enjoy the Night Show by state of ​the ​art Robots at “Robot Restaurant" from Kabukicho​ of Shinjuku, now a ​popular ​spot ​among celebrities​ from around the world​!
  • "SHINKANSEN" Station
  • Come learn about "Shinkansen," the Japanese bullet train that runs at 190mph. Check out the miniature railway "Plarail (Play Rail)," too!​
  • "JAPANKURU" Station
  • Want to encounter the latest and in-depth travel content from Tokyo and all of Japan? Here you go! JAPANKURU's got it all! http://www.japankuru.com

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Special performances from Japan, guides to must-see attractions, mini-events to participate in, and more!
Don’t miss the stage events at ZONE STAGE!
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Subject to Change

  • Cosplay contest: "Let's cosplay"
  • Come to Japankuru Stage with your favorite cosplay costume!
  • Shinto Wedding: “Mai” Dance
  • Come watch the traditional sacred dance “Mai” performed by “Miko” (maiden channeler).
  • Let’s hang “Ema!”
  • Write your wishes on “Ema” (small wooden plaque) and hang it up at the shrine!

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