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$8.00 per bowl

Directed by Mr. Maruyama, the owner of Orenchi Ramen, J-POP SUMMIT presents Ramen Summit – where the top rated ramen restaurants gather in one place!
This will also be a rare opportunity to sample the great taste of restaurants making their San Francisco debut. Don’t miss it!

Orenchi Ramen: Yoshiyuki Maruyama
Since he opened his first Yakitori restaurant ‘Sumika’ in Los Altos, Mr. Maruyama has devoted himself in expanding ramen culture in the Bay Area. He has opened many popular restaurants, including a robata grill restaurant ‘Iroriya’, and one of the most popular ramen shops, ‘Orenchi Ramen’ and ‘Orenchi Beyond’.
Sumika | Orenchi Ramen | Orenchi Beyond | Iroriya

  • - TONKOTSU -
    “Among the BEST I’ve ever tasted” - Jonathan Kauffman (Tasting Table)
    “One of those cases where the food is worth the wait and drive” - The San Francisco Chronicle

    Try Orenchi Beyond's flavorful pork-bone ramen broth that takes 18 hours of slow simmering to prepare. The thick savory ​broth is complimented with special blended soy sauce, garlic, and thick noodles.
  • - TSUKE-MEN -
    IZA RAMEN, established by Ritsu Tsuchida, the executive chef of Blowfish to Die For, will serve Tsukemen, a dipping-style noodle!

    The combination of their rich dipping broth made with pork, chicken and fish bones, and thick wavy noodles makes the perfect flavor! It's a must try!
  • - SEAFOOD -
    Don’t miss the new ramen experience with Hinodeya Ramen Bar straight from Japan!

    Enjoy authentic ramen broth made from the maximum umami of bonito flakes, kombu seaweed and shellfish. The delicate flavor of the seafood broth is rich, deep and smooth.

  •   Ramen Taka
    Ramen Taka is located near Santa Clara University and renowned for their Hakata-style ramen.

    They will serve their Spicy Miso Ramen, a carefully selected blend of miso flavors with a variety of toppings that match perfectly with their thin Hakata-style noodle and rich soup!
  •   Naruto Ramen
  • - SHOYU -
    Naruto Ramen joins us from New York!

    They will proudly serve their signature dish and New Yorker favorite, "Shoyu Ramen"! Come try their rich, dense soup using pork and chicken stock, borne through their extensive study and dedication!

Ramen Summit is sponsored by: Yamachan Ramen | Kikkoman | Wismettac Asian Foods  

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$10.00 for one hour

Prominent sake-makers and distributors from Japan and US gather at Festival Pavilion inside Fort Mason Center!
Come enjoy sake, cocktails and other goodness of Japan!

More vendors to be announced soon!
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  •   iichiko
  • At the Iichiko Booth, you can enjoy the new American exclusive “iichiko Bar FRUITS YUZU and UME” that won the double gold medal at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition!
  •   Sapporo
  • Sapporo's uniquely shaped silver can represents the distinctive style and flavor of beer!
  •   CHOYA
  • Come try a new way to enjoy Choya's umeshu, 'Umeshu Drop," a special cocktail of umeshu and beer!
  •   ITO EN
  • ITO EN and their new brand "MATCHA LOVE" will bring their signature tea, Oi Ocha, TEAS' TEA, special matcha drinks and soft serve ice cream!
  •   Takara Sake "JPOP" Can Chu-hi
  • Featuring two sake based beverages JPOP White Peach and JPOP Grapefruit!
  •   Shige Sushi
  • Shige Sushi will serve "Sushi-wich," an original sushi “sandwich” with fillings including spicy tuna, California-style, and Natto.
  •   Shimadaya
  • One of the biggest noodle manufacturers in Japan, Shimadaya, will bring cold udon and soba noodles!
  •   Kikkoman
  • Kikkoman will join J-POP SUMMIT once again to bring appetizers and snack foods, including steamed rice with their new gluten-free sweet soy sauce for rice, tofu with soy sauce!
  •   Hiro Tako
  • When planning your perfect day, look no further than Hiro Tako! Food lovers're in for a tasty surprise. Come try Japanese Takoyaki and more street foods!
  •   Calbee
  • Calbee is a company committed to harnessing nature’s gifts, to bringing taste and fun, and to contributing to healthy lifestyles. Drop by Calbee booth to try a sample of these fun flavors!
  •   Minamoto Kitchoan
  • Minamoto Kitchoan delivers the Japanese-Style confectionery to bring joy and harmony for all four seasons. Try a sample of Japanese delicate savory of "Wagashi"!

More vendors to be announced soon!
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  •   WE SUSHI
  •   J-SHACK
  •   Wapioca
More vendors coming soon!
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