Talks and autograph sessions by popular animators and creators will take place. At the Japan Film Festival of San Francisco, anime screening events are joined by directors and voice-actors from Japan and the US.

◉ Major events in the past:
Attack On Titan (Figure Display & merchandises sales), The World of Koji Morimoto (Animation screening), Space Brothers #0(Film screening), Evangelion (Exhibition & Film screening), 20th Century Boys (Premiere event & screening), Detroit Metal City (Cosplay contest, Panel Discussion and film screening), K-ON! (Music concert and autograph session by US voice actors) and many more!

*Banner Image: Attack On Titan (Participated in 2015)

◉ Highlights in 2015:

attack on titanAttack on Titan (2015) 
attack on titan 

AODAnime-related vendors (AOD) 


◉ Animation films in 2015:

The Case of Hana and AliveThe Case of Hana & Alice 
Space Brothers #0Space Brothers #0 

koji morimotoGenius Party Beyond 
the tale of princess kaguyaThe Tale of the Princess Kaguya 

when marnie was thereWhen Marnie Was There 
The Wind RisesThe Wind Rises 

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