FORT MASON CENTER August 8, 2015 10:30 am - 8:00 pm

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J-POP SUMMIT 2015 offers wider variety of food than ever!

★ Hello Kitty Cafe ★
When: August 8th (Sat) & 9th (Sun), 2015 | All Day
Where: Fort Mason Center (Exact location to be announced soon!)

The Hello Kitty Cafe truck, carrying all sorts of Hello Kitty themed goodies including macarons, donuts, and cookies, is coming to J-POP SUMMIT! The truck has been popping up in various California locations, and everywhere it goes, people line up to get a taste of the cuteness of Hello Kitty. People will wait for hours to try these exclusive Hello Kitty treats!
Visit their FACEBOOK for more details!

When: August 8th (Sat) & 9th (Sun), 2015 | All Day
Where: Fort Mason Center Parking

San Francisco’s favorite restaurants-on-wheels gather again at J-POP SUMMIT Festival 2015!
Visit THIE PAGE for more details! ☞ FOOD TRUCKS @ J-POP SUMMIT 2015

When: August 8th (Sat) & 9th (Sun), 2015 | All Day
Where: Fort Mason Center

Participating companies:


Iichiko is a brand dedicated to their motto, “Quality comes first.” They carefully select the finest natural ingredients and water and then apply their advanced brewing and distilling technologies to produce the highest quality shochu and sake.
At the Iichiko Booth, you can enjoy the new American exclusive “iichiko Bar FRUITS YUZU and UME” that won the double gold medal at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is a liquor made with 100% natural ingredients: Japan made YUZU citrus juice and real fruits topped with honey and lemon to give you the natural delicious fruity taste and flavor.

Come by the booth to try this special flavor that is only available in select Bay Area Japanese restaurants!


Sapporo U.S.A., Inc. founded in 1876, Sapporo is Japan, the oldest beer brand and the #1 selling Asian beer in the United States. Sapporo lagers have been enjoyed for almost half a century in America, with three varieties, Sapporo Premium, Sapporo Reserve, and Sapporo Premium Light. The combination of select barley and hops with an extreme attention to quality give Sapporo beers their crisp taste, refreshing flavor, and mild, refined bitterness. Sapporo, uniquely shaped silver can represents the distinctive style and flavor one can enjoy from Japan, the most iconic beer!


ITO EN (North America) Inc. was founded in May 2001 with the mission of introducing ITO EN’s line of green tea products and establishing a green tea culture and interest in the United States and beyond. With the attention of industry, the media, and the public, ITO EN is well on its way to making green tea a true part of the new American culture.
At the ITO EN booth, there will be all sorts of ice-cold drinks including Oi Ocha and TEAS’ TEA that is gaining popularity in the Bay Area!

When: August 8th (Sat) & 9th (Sun), 2015 | All Day
Where: Fort Mason Center

Participating companies:


Calbee is a company committed to harnessing nature’s gifts, to bringing taste and fun, and to contributing to healthy lifestyles. At the Calbee booth, they will be selling their popular Shrimp Chips!
In addition to their original falvor, they will have special flavors including wasabi and hot garlic, so definitely drop by the booth to try these fun flavors!

Totally Oishii

Who doesn’t love mochi? Totally Oishii is a family business whose mission is to create the yummiest & most delicious handcrafted Japanese confections! Totally Oishii (Oishii means delicious in Japanese). On the day of the event, they will have handmade mochi treats for you to enjoy!

When: August 8th (Sat) & 9th (Sun), 2015 | All Day
Where: INTERACTIVE Pavilion at Fort Mason Center

☞ Visit INTERACTIVE Pavilion page for more details

SAKE SUMMIT will be held at Union Square, downtown San Francisco, on August 8th and 9th!
Come enjoy sake, matcha, tea, Japanese food and snacks, art performances and more!
Visit SAKE SUMMIT website for tickets and details!

Participating Guests