【2014-Archive】”wo ai ni” in TOKYO

*** This event has ended ***
36 min | English | Directed by Koto Nagata
Starring: Yûki Furukawa, Lyan Cheng | Distributed by “wo ai ni” in TOKYO Partners
Co-presented by JVTA (Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy)

★ US Premiere
★ Special Appearance by Yûki Furukawa + Q&A!
For more about Yûki Furukawa visit hereYûki Furukawa

Don’t miss the super rare chance to meet actor Yûki Furukawa, the extremely popular star from “Itazura Na Kiss” (Mischievous Kiss)!!! Teaming up again with the director of “Itazura Na Kiss,” Yûki stars in this short film “wo ai ni (I love you) in TOKYO.” A sales clerk at a bike shop meets a Taiwanese girl who is traveling alone that is at a loss and having a hard time with the language.