When: August 8th (Sat) & 9th (Sun), 2015 | All Day
Where: Fort Mason Center

Come to the POP TRAVEL AREA and walk right into Japan! Experience the lavish yet humble authentic ‘Ryokan’ inns as if you’re actually there traveling! The Kimono cosplay duo YANAKIKU will welcome you with traditional Japanese hospitality!

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At the Ryokan Pavilion, presented by Global Daily, you will experience Japanese authentic ‘Ryokan’ (Japanese traditional inns)! You are invited to wear ‘Yukata’ and ‘Geta’ (Japanese kimono robes and wooden sandals) and enjoy the “mini-theaters’ inside Ryokan Pavilion. At the entrance, the kimono cosplay duo YANAKIKU, our festival favorite from last year’s J-POP SUMMIT, will greet you and lead the way.

At another area called “Japan Visitors’ Bureau,” presented by JNTO, we provide you all the information you need for a trip to Japan! Also, you have a chance to take a photo with YURU-CHARA, receive a deco-nail art by famous nail salon of Japan, and much much more!

Pavilion Image created by DHK Construction & Management, Inc./ Sean Yoshi Hanzaki